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As the founder for Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy of SC, it gives me pleasure to introduce myself along with one of the most complete SUCCESS programs for young men and women in South Carolina.

Our highly qualified teachers at Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College are trained to educate every student; regardless of diverse learning styles. Offering small classroom settings, integrated technology and embedded instructional support into the daily curriculum, ensures the success of every student.

Our program is designed to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of college and the “real world” by offering intense training and exposure to college life.

The MALES program is designed to help students that did not do well academically out of high school get a second chance for success. In the MALES Program we will focus on mentoring, athletics, leadership, educations and scholarships to help promote at risk youth to attend a two year college. The ultimate goal is to help these young men and women get a two year degree that will allow them to get a job or transfer to a four year institution.

Program Highlights

*  Higher Education opportunity

*  Increase Retention rate

*  Increase Graduation rate

*  Facilitae transfers to four year institutions for students choosing to earn a bachelor's degree in way of students that have completed their program of study.

*  Provide mentorship programs for our students

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this exceptional opportunity.


Thank you in advance,

Demond Logan 

Demond Logan

Orangeburg Calhoun Prep Academy

 2014 Football Schedule Released

Date  Time              Opponent                                                Location                                                                     
 8/31/2014  1:00 pm  GA Sports Prep Academy  Atlanta, GA
 9/06/2014  4:00 pm  West GA Prep  Franklin, GA
 9/14/2014  2:00 pm  Greenville Prep  St. Matthews, SC
 9/21/2014  2:00 pm  Averett University  Danville, VA
 9/27/2014  3:00 pm  Middle GA State  Cochran, GA
 10/05/2014  2:00 pm  Jireh Prep  Matthews, NC
 10/12/2014  2:00 pm  Columbus State #  St. Matthews, SC
 10/18/2014  2:00 pm  College of Faith  Charlotte, NC
 10/25/2014  2:00 pm  North GA Sports Academy  St. Matthews, SC
 11/02/2014  2:00 pm  Gray Military Academy  St. Matthews, SC
 11/09/2014  2:00 pm  Tusculum College #  St. Matthews, SC
 11/16/2014  2:00 pm  Kennesaw State #  Kennesaw, GA
 11/13/2014  TBA  SAC Championship  TBA
 12/06/2014  7:00 PM

 NCFA National Championship

 Salem, VA




OC Tech
3250 St. Matthews Road
Orangeburg, SC 29118

Football Workouts  May 17, 2014

10 am-12pm

Hillcrest Sports Complex

Orangeburg, SC 29115

In order to workout students must sign an OCPA waiver. The waiver will be available at the site. Each athlete must dress for the weather and bring their football cleats, gloves and a great attitude. If you are invited for a tryout you must pay a $40 tryout fee.  Registration will begin at 9 am.

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